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Marketing & BD Manager-Central Asia-Oil & Gas industry:Shanghai , China(Mainland)

Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for marketing and sales business, achieve the sales target

2. Explore and track business opportunities, establish and maintain client relationship;

3. Seek financing projects;

4.Understand industry trends, collect and analyze competitors’ information, work out relative strategies;

5. Coordinate financing negotiations and bidding works;

6. Marketing director is in charge of sales and daily operation for one of the company’s overseas big region.


1. Bachelor or above in marketing, petroleum/chemical, mechanical related majors;

2. 5+ years’ overseas marketing experience (5-15 years’ work experience is preferred), experience in participating or managing large-scale projects is preferred;

3. Fluent in Russian, and good at business communication;

4. Excellent communication and influencing skills, good team work spirit;


5. Adapt to frequent business trips or long-term working abroad.

If you have interest in this position, you can apply online or send your CV to . Email title as "Job position"+"Name".