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Primary Responsibilities:

§  支持并强化公司的愿景、目标和价值。

Supports and strengthens firm vision, goals and values.

§  为大型项目在景观设计方面所面临的复杂问题提供解决之道。

Solves complex problems in connection with the landscape design of large-scale projects.

§  结合地块规划、景观设计、交通与基础设施系统来发展开放空间概念。

Develops open space concepts incorporating site planning, landscape design, transportation and infrastructure systems.

§  负责编制各种总体规划方案以及地块规划发展文件。

Responsible for various portions of master plan and site plan development documents

§  配合项目总监,在项目发展的各阶段担任与业主、顾问、承包商及其他方的主要设计对接。

Works with Director as primary design interface with clients, consultants, contractors, and others during various stages of project development.

§  在团队内部和与其他专业部门在多个项目工作上负责管理工作,同时鼓励同事的专业提升与进步。

Manages work within teams and with other disciplines on multiple project assignments and guides and encourages the development of staff.

§  积极参与市场及商务拓展工作,包括准备公司资历文件、服务建议书及服务内容。

Participatesproactively in marketing and business development efforts, including the preparation of qualifications, proposals, and scopes of services.


Desired Qualifications:

§  需具备景观设计硕士学位以及城市设计或城市规划或建筑学士学位。需领有注册景观设计师执照。有能源与环境设计的领导先锋(LEED)认证资格尤佳。

§  Master Degree in Landscape Architecture, with undergraduate training in Urban Design or City Planning orArchitecture. RLA licensure is required. LEED accreditation is desirable.

§  在国际和北美景观设计和城市规划项目上至少需有8年以上的专业经验,包括3-5年带领设计团队的经验。

§  At least 8years of progressively responsible project experience in the landscape design and urban planning profession for projects both internationally andin North America, including 3-5 years of experience running a design team.

§  具有符合公司城市设计核心原则的独特设计风格。

§  A strong design ethos consistent with the core principles of company's City Design Practice

§  在知名、获奖的景观设计项目上有杰出的表现和成就。

§  Established track-record of high profile, award-winninglandscape design projects.

§  透彻了解景观、城市设计和规划问题,包括场地规划、基础设施和公用设施的规划以及可持续设计实践。

§  Thorough knowledge of landscape, urban design and planning issues, including site planning, infrastructure and utility planning, and sustainable design practices.

§  强调灵活多变、创意且高效的设计方式。

§  A dynamic, creatively-focused and efficient approach.

§  具有令人信服的沟通技巧以及与业主正面互动的联系技巧。

§  Compelling communication and engaging client liaison skills.

§  具有优秀的人事管理及团队领导能力,能够倾听意见并促进团队之间有效地协作。

§  Excellent people management and strong team leadership with ability to listen and collaborate effectively.

§  在节奏快速、极富创意的工作环境中拥有适应变化的能力是必不可少的。

§  Ability to adapt to change in a fast-pace, highly creative working environment is essential.

§  在商务拓展中取得公认的成就和积极的成果。

§  Proven success in business development with positive results.

§  必须精通Autocad, MS Office, 以及Adobe CS 应用软件。具有手绘图能力者尤佳。

§  Demonstrated proficiency with Autocad, MS Office, and Adobe CS skills is required. Hand-sketching ability is highly desirable.

§  需要配合项目出差。


§  Travel will be required.