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Program Introduction

Archibucks Global Employment & Training Program


 "Your pass to China!"


What is ARCHIBUCKS GET Program

ARCHIBUCKS GET Program is a training and recruiting program for professional architects around the world. It is established by Fanfan International Education Studio in 2009. This program aims to provide architectural design industry related working experiences and job opportunities. The GET Program services for both local design institutes and international companies in China. It aims to connect these firms with global candidates, and develop the following vision and mission together. 


Providing candidates around the worldwith trustworthy Chinese architecture firms byseekingChinese value-driven employers.


-  To provide first-class job positions as well as training experiences for all applicants

-  To continually develop efficient and quality cooperation with architecture firms in China

-  To help both architecture firms and architectsgain benefits from cross-cultural communications

-  To discover decent architecture firms and qualified architects, and to maintain a professional program 


What does ARCHIBUCKS GET program offer?

A.     Internship and Working Opportunity in China.

China has a booming market of architecture, especially the area of architectural design. Hundreds of projects have shown up in this prospering country. Even though the financial Crisis arrived in the past years, Chinese architecture companies had proved that they always have potential to successfully survive. Nowadays, the architectural market in Europe is shrinking. Projects in there are not enough for new architectural students.

B.      One-stop job hunting service

To work in China, please feel free about the visa issue or any other negotiations with employers. Simply send us your CV and Portfolio then we will do the rest for you. We believe China is where your dream begins, we’re looking forward to see you in the near future.