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Program Introduction

Archibucks Global Employment & Training Program


"Your passport to China !"


What is ARCHIBUCKS GET Program

ARCHIBUCKS GET Program is a global professional architect training and employment program. It is founded by Fanfan International Education Studio in 2009. This program aims to provide architecture design industry related working experience and job opportunities to architects all over the world. This program does services for local design institute and international companies in China to recruit global candidates to join and develop together with culture recognition in the following Vision and Mission.


To distinguish and serve international value-driven employers and candidates; to be a positive engine to support add-value development by providing candidates to Chinese architecture firms


-  To provide excellent training experience and job positions for applicants

-  To develop efficient and high quality cooperation system with architecture firms continually

-  To help cross-cultural understanding to benefit both architecture firms and architects

-  To distinguish high quality architecture firms and architects to maintain program in high quality


What ARCHIBUCKS program offers to you?

A.     Internship and Working Opportunity in China.

China is a booming market for Architecture. Hundred thousand of projects are moving on this incredible country. Financial Crisis comes, Chinese architecture companies still have so many projects to do until next years’ middle. European Architecture market is shrinking, there are not enough projects for new graduate students even experienced professionals to do. China will be a great place for you to explore your new future career development!

B.      One-stop job hunting service

To work in China, please feel no worry about the visa or any other negotiation with employers. ARCHIBUCKS will handle all these stuffs for you. The only thing you have to do is to send us your CV and portfolio. Then wait for the good news from China! We will never let you down if you really want to come to China to explore your future.