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Working Conditions


Internship program

Internship program will be provided to candidates who are not graduated from bachelor study. Your salary will be 4000RMB per month.

Junior Architect program

Junior Architect program will be provided to candidates who have over 2 years working experience after the bachelor study. Your salary in China for the first 6 months will be 5000 RMB per month. And after that, your salary will up to 8000 – 10000 RMB per month if the company decides to hire you.


B Cost

Cost in China is different depending on which city you work. In Shanghai, the normal lodging cost is around 3500 - 4000 RMB, which includes accommodation, daily traffic and 3 meals.


C.     Accommodation

ARCHIBUCKS will provide accommodation searching service for you to find your new home in China if you need. The standard accommodation for 1 person will be 1 single or double room with shared bath room. Television and wash machine and kitchen is also provided.


D.    Health Insurance
You must have health insurance during the program. During and after the program, you must either keep your insurance, or purchase insurance coverage through a travel agent or Archibucks (around RMB3000 per year). Proof of your insured status is required prior to the program start.


E.   Contact person

For any question about the work or daily life in China, please feel free to email for advice.