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Services we provide

Internship Program:

A.     1-3 months internship in one Architecture firm in China.
B.     Company invitation letter or government invitation letter for visa application.
C.     For candidate who wants to have internship more than 1 months but less than 6 months, you will need to go Hongkong to do a new visa after your 1 months visa. We suggest candidates who want to have more than 1 months internship in China to apply for a multi entry M visa.  
D.     Please notice Archibucks can only make sure provide visa application materials for your visa application, but can not guarantee the length of visa you have
E.     Due to the restriction of the visa in China, If you apply for a 3 months visa but only get 1 months visa in your country, you will need to either go Hong Kong to apply for a new visa to come in or you have to go back to your home country.

Junior Architect program:


1 year working contract in one architecture firm in China and working visa materials

(*need 2 years working experience after bachelor or master graduation, and government will charge another 650 RMB for health check)


Chinese Mentor Service (both program):

We provide a Chinese mentor to pick talent up in the airport and bring you to the accommodation and do police office registration with you and also buy local mobile card. Chinese mentor also will go out with you on weekends to see around the city if you require.


Accommodation Searching Service(optional):

We will find accommodations for you in your working city according to your requirements and 40% of the first month rent (once payment) not including in the program fee. You need to pay 1500 RMB (including the deposit fee paid to house load and to us) to Archibucks and then we will start the searching service.